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Indus Valley…a play school is the product brand of Umang Educare. We are a provider of education service with Nation-wide reach. Our Play schools have been designed around the child to provide them holistic development through high quality of education and joyful learning.

  • Child Centred Microplaned Curriculum.
  • Holastic Model LALIT helps to unbox the unique potantial of each child.
  • Highly digitalize and inovative methodology.
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Age : 2 to 3 Years      Time : 3 Hours  Age : 3 to 5 Years  Time : 3 Hours Age : 4 to 5 Years   Time 4 Hours Age : 5 to 6 Years   Time : 4 Hours
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Intractive LALIT Concept

Children at Indus Valley a Play School are like LALIT, full of light and hope, gleaming with beaming smiles.

Montessori Methods

Montessori is a method of ecuation that is baed on self-directed activity, hadns-on learning and collaborative play.


Safe door to door pick and drop facitly for each student.

Art & Craft Workshops

We provide creative opportunities for kids to learn new skills and be energized and inspired.

Learning Tablet

The Indus Valley learning tablet has bee designed to give your child an all-round exposure to ensure mutliple skill development.

Qualified Teachers

Well educated teachers with specialize training in early child hood education have the knowledge and skill to positivly impact on child outcomes.
Latest News

Indian Education Award

New Delhi     51K Comments

Indus Valley a Play School has been awarded as "Emerging Play School of the Year - North India during Indian Education Congress and Award 2017

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Top 100 Preschool India Award

New Delhi       40K Comments

Indus Valley a Play School has been awarded as Top 100 Preschool India Award 2018.

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Best Play School Award

New Delhi 42K Comments

Indus Valley a Play School has been awarded as "Best Play School with Innovation in Early Childhood Development". Child centred curriculum followed by concept of activity based teaching and joyfull learning offer a dynamic foundation to little kids.

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India Education Congress

New Delhi 32K Comments

Team Indus Valley a Play School honoured to be a part of Indian Education Congress 2018 to discuss about "Innovative Early Education".

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Parent's Speak

Parent's share their experiance with Indus Valley - A Play School
It motivaties us to be more creative and enthusiastic
Your valuable feedbacks help us to improve the quality of education.

Manisha & Manoj
Parent's of Dhruv Sharma
“Our son Dhruv likes Indus Valley now a days more as compared to his early days. He eagerly goes & every day comes home with a new story about activity, friends & teachers. We have found IV the best in Kosli to empower our kid in learning.”

Monika & Mohit
Parent's Of Kanika
“Thank you to all the staff for everything you do for our princess, you guys are awesome. We as a family absolutely love Indus Valley a Play School, the staff and curriculum are amazing. My daughter has had so much fun since she has started she’s always been talking about how her days are and all the wonderful new songs she has learned.”

Anuradha & Shakti
Parent's Of Ishika
“Our daughter has improved a lot during studding at Indus Valley a Play School. It has good academic environment and best of teaching play way methodology. It is very neat and clean. We considered the Best Play School at Kosli.”

Manjita & Anil
Parent's Of Vonika
“I was worried to bring my child to the nursery at first but you guys have made it very easy because you are taking good care of her and she enjoys the nursery as she does things I was unable to do with her. Thank you.”


To ensure learning experiences that will assist our little stars to achieve their greatest potentials by discovering the joy of learning and illuminating their intellect in multi-dimensional way to enable them to make path breaking changes in the social fabric of the world.


To establish an exemplary Play School chain that is excellent in offering a dynamic foundation to little kids who will face the world challenge happily in life ahead.

Our Approaches

The Umang Educare has researched for future growth of this young generation by entering into the pre-primary education and launching Indus Valley...a play school. It emphases to the educational and wholesome development of children between 2-5 years as 90% of the Brain Development happens in the first 6 years of a child’s life. During this time, the various experiences and interactions the child goes through results in the formation of connections in the brain, which ultimately builds its structure.

IVAPS Advantage

We bring with unique pedagogy LALIT, updated and micro-planned curriculum, specially designed infrastructure, scientific and advanced study material as well as play and learn equipment. We are unique in our philosophy, reachability, wonderful connection with parents. we help the children to discover their own individual learning style and achieve the desired learning outcomes, in sync with the high-level social, emotional, linguistic, and other developmental milestones.